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hi, i am going to part with the tw i just got last week.. after reading a bunch of this forum, and being an ex sport bike rider.. i dont think the 200 is going to provide exactly what i want.. if it does, id prefer a much newer model..

the good... bike is in great shape for the age,but some of the others i have seen have out there been much worse... the seat isint torn, but appeared to be recovered
the bad.. i had it running last night last night for a short seems to not be getting enuf fuel.. i do not have the tank installed at this point, i was using a lawn mower tank.. the stock tank is off for de-rusting, it isint too bad, very
it will also need a few other things here and there to make it road worthy again, but not much at all.. elec starter AND KICK STARTER

make me an offer.i have 980 into it, plus the DMV fee of 85,prob will not get that back out of it, i bought it at an auction and was ran up at the end, so i prob over paid from the start will have a clean VA title at time of sale

if a deal comes down to logistics, lets figure something out.. i am not againt driving 200ih miles radius from DC, with a negotiated transport fee...gas is not free

i can email some pics if interested in checking it out..but color scheme is blue frame, white plastics and black tank (tank appears to have been sprayed black at some point)
thanks for taking the time and reading
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