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1995 TW200

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Hi, Was wondering if anyone could ball park what it would cost to replace the first gear of a 1995 TW200. I am thinking of purchasing a use bike with only 2k miles on it but am told it's first gear is clicking and needs replacement.

Thank you for your time. M
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Offer to haul the bike off for $50.

If memory serves, 1st drive gear is integral with the main shaft, $50. 1st driven is $36. Complete gasket set is about $70. Piston rings run about $20. Assuming there are no other problems with the bike, that's $176 plus shipping if you shop around on the internet for discount parts. If you go to dealer parts will cost 35-50% more. If the overhaul takes 8 hours at $90/hour, plus sales tax, the cost will be well over $1000.

You'll also need to budget to replace the old tires, tubes, and rimstrips due to age. $225 online. Figure $300, plus $50 to mount and sales tax if you have a shop do it.

If the chain and sprockets are original, at best they are half worn out and will soon need replacement. $55 for a cheap set no better than the originals, $115 for a set with an o-ring chain ordered online and DIY. Add in $10 for the side cover gasket. If you go to a shop, add 30% for parts, $100 for labor, and sales tax.

DIY with online sources you're looking at a possible it'll cost $600-650 to put this bike on the road with some level of safety. If you have a dealer do it, you'll be looking at $1000+ more. That is, assuming there is nothing else wrong with the bike.
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