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1995 TW200

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Hi, Was wondering if anyone could ball park what it would cost to replace the first gear of a 1995 TW200. I am thinking of purchasing a use bike with only 2k miles on it but am told it's first gear is clicking and needs replacement.

Thank you for your time. M
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Lots? Depending on what shop time costs in your neck of the woods this would be one of those things that is a real dealbreaker.

Transmission work means complete dissassembly. Engine out, case halves split, repair/ replace gears, re-assemble.

8+ hours shop time, gears, bearings, gaskets ans seals as needed?

You'll need to get it dirt cheap in order to risk it. Unfortunately replacing gears or bent shift arms is fairly major.

It's odd that a bike with so few miles would have tranny issues. That would tend to make me suspicious about how it was used and cared for during that 2,000 miles as well.
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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