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Discussion Starter · #1 · claims the gasket under the cylinder jug to be "OBSOLETE", and therefor don't allow you to add it (or the superseded part number, which isn't listed there) to your cart.

What should I be using in place of it? Up to year 2000 uses the same "OBSOLETE" part number: 4BD-11351-00-00

2001 and newer years use a different part, and I don't want to find myself buying one of the infamous newer gaskets and causing a problem later. I don't remember what years have that issue.

Anyone know what to throw in the cart?

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Sorry, i can't help you. I use motorcycle-specific oil and change it regularly, so base gasket replacement isn't part of my regular maintence schedule.

My source calls for a 5VC-11351-01-00 as the part number that supercedes the number you gave.
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