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This is the 1st Az TW200 Camp & Ride adventure.

Friday 04-15 through Sunday 04-17.

If you have a Yamaha TW200, you will want to be here! this is the charter member event for TWs on Arizona Trails.

We plan on camping at Oak Flats Campground and explore the trails in that area. We may also explore the trails around Battleaxe Rd. as well.

We will be camping Friday & Saturday nights. We may ride into Superior Friday night for dinner. We will probably have a potluck dinner on Saturday.

Guests of TW200 owners may bring ATVs or MCs and attend as well.

Other Big Wheels MCs like Rokons, Big Wheels, and Fatcats are welcome to attend as associate members.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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