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tried to do my due diligence & search the site but the google links just send me to the main page of the forum? anyone guess if this is my fault or the new site somehow?

so I flirted with the idea of getting a faster bike, but decided not to. instead I'm going to try and squeeze a bit more out of the tw via new exhaust & rejetting.

is the DG exhaust ok? it's about $100 less than the fmf, so if it does the job just as well that would be great since I'm cheap

are there some tried & true('ish ---i know there will be differences of opinion here) carb settings I can dial in, at least to start with? I'm right at sea level in Maine---the weather changes all the time, i can ride at night and it will be dry and 50 then wake up and go to work and it will be 80 and humid, then when I go home it will be cold and rainy, so a kind of catch-all carb setting scheme would be great.

thanks for your time. and like I said I'm not trying to be lazy, I just couldn't get the interwebs to work for me.

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