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2002 TW200pc vs TW200p - what's the difference

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I am ordering some parts for my 2002 TW200. When I go to they list two models for the year 2002 - a TW200p and a TW200pc. Does anybody know what is the difference between these two models? How can I tell which one I have?
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The "C" indicates a Cali model. The only difference is the main jet, the fuel tank and the canister..
Yours appears to be a 49-state model.

It really makes no difference as long as you're not ordering a main jet or a fuel tank. Virtually every other part is identical.

EDIT: The Cali carb has an extra vent fitting. Other than that and a bigger main jet there is no FUNCTIONAL difference in carbs. They're interchangeable.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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