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My new to me 2003 TW200 starts and runs well, and the engine turns off by a twist of the key. However, toggling the kill switch (right handle) does not kill the engine. With the key in place, the ignition button will turn the engine over even if the kill switch is set to not run. I disassembled the switch assembly and cleaned it, but no dice. The wires don’t appear to be cracked or exposed anywhere, and my multimeter shows the kill switch works fine.

The side stand switch also does not kill the engine, despite the multimeter test showing it works. The side stand switch wires appear to be in good condition but the switch won’t do anything. So, I can ride in gear with the stand lowered, which isn’t the best…

I’d like to get my kill switches working again but I’m having a hard time finding any way to do that. After using my multimeter to determine both switches are in good condition, I’m stumped on what to check next. All wires are in place in my CDI and as far as I know, none of the previous owners modified the wiring.

Any ideas/suggestions of where to look would be awesome. I’ll post a copy of the wiring diagram I’ve been referencing (TW200EN/TW200ENC), and I can add more pictures if that helps. Thanks in advance everyone!!!

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There is a rumor of a wiring short under the seat that overrides most of the cut-outs, but it's not commonly known - hopefully someone will be along shortly to help you out. Presumably, by reversing what has been done will put it back to normal, but may reveal an original fault

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