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2003 TW for Sale $750 obo

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My 2003 TW was stolen in July. See the post here. The bike was found about 2 weeks after the theft. The insurance company called it a total loss. I got the salvage. The bike still runs fine and has 9182 miles on it.

The main reason it was deemed a total loss is because the thieves scratched the VIN numbers off and so it would be difficult to re-register the bike (unless you know a way to get new VIN numbers or repair the old ones.) The police were able to raise the VIN number enough to ID the bike and find me to tell me they recovered it.

There are some issues with the bike other than the VIN: 1) the turn signals and mirrors were stripped off; 2) the ignition was destroyed, you can turn it on and off with a long screw driver; 3) the header pipe (but not the exhaust pipe) is gone; 4) right side cover is gone; 5) one of the instrument panels (left one) is gone (probably to assist with hot wiring the bike); 5) the license plate holder was cut off. That's everything I've noticed. The bike rides and runs fine. The engine is strong. The tires still have plenty of tread. All the parts are in good working order (solid wheels, rims, engine, etc etc).

This would be a good bike for someone who either wants to part it out (for personal use or to sell) or for someone who would just be using it off road/on a farm etc. I know I could probably part it out myself and sell of the pieces for more money but I know myself and I won't find the time to do that. Along with the motard tires on the bike, I'll throw in the original knobbie's with around 5000 miles on them.

I'd prefer to sell to someone local/willing to pick up the bike in person. I've tried to post some pictures of the damage etc but if you want specific close up photos of something let me know and I can email them to you.


PS: I just took these pics as it started to drizzle-so that's what the little spots are on the bike.

Scratched VIN

Other Scratched VIN

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Hi Caribbean. Just sent you an email.
Sold. Thanks!
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