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2004 TW for Sale, $2,000 Louisville, KY

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Unfortunately it's time to sell my TW due to moving....need the money and the room. It's a 2004 with 6,100 miles. Runs and rides great but does have some scratches and scuffs. Bike is by no means perfect but still looks good. Has a tw-203 tire on the front and was recently gone through by a professional mechanic in addition to changing the oil and replacing front brake pad. Located just north of Louisville in New Albany,Indiana. Asking $2,000

me and my buddies out and about
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Haha.....started reading and said hmmmmmm. Dammit.........3 year old thread :) Im still looking, you would think as large a population the Atlanta metro is there would be more used TWs for sale.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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