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2004 TW200

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Hello TW riders,

A friend of mine brought a bike to me the other day. A 2004 TW200. He bought one of those 6 Sigma jet kits and a DG slip on pipe. He has asked me to install everything and get it to run right. So far I am at complete loss. I changed the main jet to a 132.5, installed the pipe, removed the airbox snorkel, raised the needle with the included shims in the jet kit and turned the air screw out 2 and a 1/2 turns. The bike starts easy and runs good, until it gets warmed up. When its warm it gets a hesitation up top(over 6000 rpm.). I'm in PA and we are about 500 above sea level. It almost seems like the bike needs more air. It runs good with the cover off and filter removed(I know, thats a big No-No). The plug is a DR8EA and right now after about 20 minutes of running. It has a whitish-brown color to it. Any info would be great. I hate to keep ripping the carb out of it and risk ruining the boots. Thanks guys!
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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