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If yours is the blue one then it is probably 2006 rather than 2005.

All of the sudden this buy/sell/pricing is interesting. I see a prior answer to your question about value was:

"That's a fair price anywhere in the US for a 350 mile 2005! Most of the time TW's are stored indoors, often in recrooms or heated garages so they clean up very nicely. If I had that bike I could get $2900 to $3200 as long as it's clean with no damage. 2005 is a desirable color scheme and they seem to sell easier than 2006 or 2007 models with the same mileage. $2500 would be the tops I might pay but I don't think you can go wrong at that price"

For fun I will keep notice of a 2006 for sale in Kent/Seattle area for $2900 - 3200.

I suppose the key to a local reasonable price low mileage is to beat the resellers to them.
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