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2006 Blue Gas Tank

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Since I've gotten the Clarke XT350 tank on, I don't really need the original tank anymore. It's a blue one from an '06.

The insides are pristine.

No major dents or dings, but there are a few scratches, mostly on the left side.

No petcock, but it comes with the cap AND a working key. The key was done by the local hardware store works, but it isn't butter smooth like the original key.

$65 shipped.

As seen here:

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Any reason this should not fit a '93?? I'd love to get rid of my ugly TW logo on my tank and your price probably beats what it would cost to repaint my tank. Blue would be the right color for my bike too. I'm seriously considering this... Let me know. Thanks..
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Sold to FootDoc - thanks.
Guess I wasn't fast enough?

Nope, FootDoc beat you via PM by about 6 hours...sorry!
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