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Just listed this on Craigslist Seattle:

When I went looking for the perfect dual-sport ride, I considered all the usual suspects, high strung, big horsepower, long-legged beasts with which to whip the earth. Instead, I got the smallest, lightest bike that could traverse the globe: the Mighty TW200! This bike goes anywhere, and crawls over anything. But after three years, I am selling the T-Dub. This particular specimen is the most amazing T-Dub on the planet. It has been my daily driver for three years. It is schizophrenic: both urban city commuter, and fully adventurized off-road mule. This bike has been the most amazing, go anywhere, do anything motorcycle anyone has ever seen. Pavement, gravel, dirt, freeway (yes, in the right-hand lane) all day ride it until you drop. It has been highly modified, meticulously maintained, and NEVER let me down. We have ridden the WABDR, many miles of dirt and gravel, and even completed a thousand mile loop around the SE Oregon/NW Nevada desert. She’s forded the Owyhee River, traversed miles of primitive roads, and run the Alvord and Black Rock Playas. I have just completed a full service, removed the stickers, and she’s ready for YOUR adventure. What makes this T-Dub so amazing? Here’s her story: The mods:

4.5 gal XT350 tank (250+ mile range)
Emotional Gas Gauge
Custom built Gel seat (The Couch)
Kick starter installed (not stock in 2006)
Ricochet skid plate
Wide pegs
Custom welded wide side stand foot
Folding Shift Lever
Brake Pedal Keeper
Heat wrapped muffler
Rear Cycleracks Rack
Customized rear rack to hold Wolfman bags
Front Cycleracks Rack, with custom tool box
Extra Headlamp on cstomized front rack to mount over tool box (poor man’s steering stabilizer)
Rear Tool Tube
Micatech Top Box, locking, Med size (quickly removable)
Auxiliary rear lighting on top box (urban conspicuity)
12V charge socket inside top box
Pro-taper ATV-Hi bars
Rox Risers
Second Glance Mirrors
Ram Mount Ball on Triple clamp
Heated Grips, hi/low
Ascerbis hand guards with largest wind deflectors
Front running lights on hand guards for urban conspicuity
Reflective Tape stem to stern for urban conspicuity
Twin Hi/Lo freeway blaster horns for urban audio conspicuity
Jimbo Windshield
Front Kenda K270 5.10 inch Tire
New O-ring chain and stock sprocket set, fresh case gasket
Eastern Beaver Auxiliary power relay and triple fuse kit
Current Tabs until February 2015
Current Forest Service Trail Pass until July 2014
Fresh fork Boots
New throttle cable set
Clutch inspected and new case gasket
New carb Float bowl gasket, spare set of stock jets
New O-rings on cam chain cover, valve covers, and starter motor
Base gasket replaced at 2,300 miles
Meticulously maintained, valves adjusted every 3K miles
Ran Repsol Synthetic racing oil 5-40W her whole life
SAE Battery connector for tire pump
Extra set of winter commuting tires, Bridgestone Trailwings, lo miles
Two extra sets of inner tubes.
Ride-on puncture preventer in both tires.
Custom bead breaker included
Tire pump included.
Almost forgot the most important upgrade: bottle opener on top box (thanks joeband)

All this is your for the amazing low price of $3,000. Test ride with cash in my hand. She can be yours……

2014-04-23 16.55.05.jpg 2014-04-23 16.56.04.jpg 2014-04-23 16.56.36.jpg 2014-04-23 16.59.06.jpg

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i wasn't as hip to the color scheme, but appreciate the personal touches, including the bottle opener on the top case.... i might spill something if i always had to reach down to my foot peg. ;)

you've put a lot of thought and work into that tdub.

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Well done and nothing a gallon of camo paint won't fix. Up here in the NY mountains I prefer to be heard and not seen!:D

Good luck with your sale and I know you spent lots of time and dollars rigging this beast to be all she could be.


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The color scheme makes me think "Emergency" Vehicle - I see fire trucks and ambulances with similar safety patterns. Rescue TDUB!

Love it or hate it - at least a good chance they'll see you. My hazard yellow Wolfman bags and Hi Vis green helmet pale in comparison.

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