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The previous answers are spot on, however what year is your TW? If it is more than a few years old and you run pump fuel you may want to replace the float valve and seat, 5LB-14390-00-00 for 2001 and later and 2JX-14107-00-00 for 2000 and older carbs. The fuel today will harden the rubber seat much quicker than in the past. I purchased two 2012 TWs last year that had 300miles on each and the carbs where so gummed up I rebuilt the carbs with new jets anyway! While you are in there, if you are at sea level replace your pilot jet with a #34 5LB-14342-17-00 and the main with a #130 288-14343-65. This is a good starting point and you may need to adjust the jets to accommodate your environment.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts