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So I had been reading (here) that the XT350 tank is an option for larger fuel capacity.
After searching regularly for several months I saw one come up on eBay for $125 + shipping ($25).
It was rust free and looked like this when received... (no gas cap)

IMG_5278 sm.jpg

Initially I wasn't concerned about the few little dings it had but as I looked at it on my table I decided to maybe touch it up here and there.

Let's start with the decals...
IMG_5284 sm.jpg

Maybe touch up that ding. Gotta get it to metal first though. Right?
IMG_5286 sm.jpg

OK, so I guess I may as well strip the entire tank. By hand. Then bondo.
IMG_5295 sm.jpg

I was planning to use the TW in Death Valley end of March so time was running out.
I wouldn't be able to do the painting myself.
At this point I was getting frantic and was just gonna spray it with truck bed liner.

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After discussing my dilemma with a co-worker a plan was established.
I handed the tank over to a co-workers painting instructor who applied the primer, base and clear in urethane.
Came out pretty nice.

IMG_5314 sm.jpg

IMG_5315 sm.jpg

Here's how it was set up after my return from DV...
3.2 gallons in the XT tank and another gallon in the rotopak... range!

IMG_5443 sm.jpg

IMG_5451 sm.jpg

Only the slightest wrinkle in the seat fabric from the bend for the larger tank.
IMG_5453 sm.jpg

I did clip some of the under seat plastic pieces but they key was using my heat gun to heat and bend the seat pan to the angle I needed.
I did make the extended bracket for the longer XT tank just like mentioned in the XT350 tank install thread here on the forum.

I'm hoping for a range of near 200 miles. (w/o rotopax)
Time (in the saddle) will tell.

edit to add...

I did have to add Zeta bar risers to allow the bars to go lock to lock w/o hitting the tank.
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