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2007 TW200 - $2500, OBO (Bronxville, NY)

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I made the post as generic as possible because I posted the bike on craigslist as well. The description is just below:

I bought this bike back in the beginning of the summer of 2008 as a means to commute the 10 miles to work each morning. It has been garage kept and I've never dropped it, scratched it or had any problems with it. The oil has been changed at all the proper service intervals with Mobile 1 Synthetic and it's running great!

The bike itself is quite a trip! It has a relatively low seat height for shorter riders, and plenty of low end torque. The large rear tire combined with all of the above make it a great off road machine. On the road, it will regularly yield 70+ MPG and it has plenty of power around town. The top speed on the bike is roughly about 75 MPH. The 'Cycle Rack' on the back is a $150 value, but will be included with the cost of the bike. I will also include a cover and locks for the bike.

I'm selling because I fractured my back snowboarding back in the spring and I haven't had the opportunity to ride it since! The bike currently has under 3000 miles. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Serious inquiries only please!

I’m listing the bike at $2500, but I will take your best offer into consideration.

Thanks for looking!
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