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2008 TW for sale - 2600

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It's white with a fender eliminator.

I pulled the flame arrestor from the exhaust to make it a little louder/more free flowing, but it can be re installed.

Right now it has just over 1k miles, but we'll call it 1100 in-case I ride it.

Looking to get $2600

Located: Woodbridge VA

Email: [email protected]
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I was going to go out shortly and get a few to post up.

someone, anyone?
Where are ya coming from, north or south?
Damn, I'm making the trip to lynchburg va today but leaving in like 15 minutes, so too short of notice.

I do frequently go south though, if you want to try again in a few weeks.
I do still have the OEM parts.
Entertaining reasonable offers, not willing to deliver.
1 - 8 of 11 Posts
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