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Selling my 2008 TW. It is an awesome commuter bike for Vermont. (75mpg) At 3,500 miles, it is barely broken in.

Only tipped once, and slowly in the mud, which bent the right rear blinker (see photo). Super easy fix, though it still works.

Reason for selling is because I'm moving and sadly the bikes gotta go.

2900 obo
Bethel, Vermont

If you'd like some better pictures, shoot me a message.

00h0h_4InVm506aS1_50x50c.jpg 00n0n_aAJM9ebHTPY_600x450.jpg 00q0q_lHCXlOpFGl0_600x450.jpg 00W0W_dIVtHBW9oNf_50x50c.jpg 01212_iXsmYE7aqof_600x450.jpg
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