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2008 TW parts for sale - indicators, rearsets, + more...

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All OEM parts removed from my 2008 TW20 at 146 miles, are unmodified, and are in good working condition.

I'll update the thread as items sell, so if you see the part here, it's still for sale.

Asking prices are + shipping, not shipping included.

Apologies for the crummy cell-phone pics...

Complete set of OEM turn signals, like new: $50 SOLD

Passenger rearsets, complete with bolts: $30

Rear fender & tail light assembly: $50

MSR handguards, complete w/mounting hardware: $40

Aftermarket indicators (work great on the front!): $10

OEM rear rack: $60

Spare set of all indicator bulbs: $5

Factory handlebars (sorry, no pic): $20

Front & rear reflectors w/mounting hardware: $5 SOLD

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Having a hard time tracking whats left? are shields with clamps? and what color? thx hertha
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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