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I had never changed a tubeless road bike tire until 2 weeks ago. Super easy once yo get the bead broke. I used a C-clamp, windex and a large tire Iron to force them off their seats. Rear was a bit harder. Motorcycle tires are just Static balanced, just remember to but the paint marker (yellow or red dot) next to the valve stem when mounting. I placed the wheel once the tire was on with the axel in it on a pair of jack stands and rotated the wheel and letting it spin to see if there were any heavy spots. I had to remove the one weight that was used to balance the old tire from the wheel and the new tire did not need any weight to balance it. I have had the tires on for 700 Km and have not noticed issues with their balance. Ask you local motorcycle shop for some balancing weights.

If you were closer and I was in the US I would sell you my stock tires for cheap.
Front Tire 110/80R19
Rear Tire 150/70R17
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