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2009 T-Dub wont break 50mph?

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OK my 09 wouldnt top 50mph, my 99 will. So i start looking at the sprockets....Yep 09 has a 45 and the 99 a 50. So I order new chains and sprokets. Toss on the 47, and head out for a difference from the 45t. I replace it with a 49, now the bottom end matches my 99 but at 50mph i hit the same wall. Bike just boggs and wont pull any harder..... So what is the issue?

I have changed the 09 carb to a 130 main, 2 turns out on screw, and 2 shims. Also i do believe the spark arrestor has been removed. As it is much louder. I adjusted the valves, exhaust was wihin limits, intake needed to be adjusted. About 47xx on odometer. Running Bridgestone street tires. Bike seems to run great until you try to go over 50mph in any gear.

The 99 is bone stock,and pulls great through all the gears.Really fun to ride this one, not so on the 09.

1.So could the spark arrestor being removed cause me to not have enough back pressure on top end?

2. Because no arrestor i need a larger main jet? (I live in south Alabama.)

3. I could possibly swap exhaust from my 99 to the 09 to see if this helps.

4.Carb has serious issues....but runs great otherwise?

5.Compression is low? I doubt this as it has matching power to my 99, if not more so on the bottom end now with the 49t.

6. Possibly issues with air filter? I havent changed it but wouldnt think this would be the issue if it ran good otherwise.

7. Possible leak around inatke boots?

What else would you suggest i try? I was hoping to get it all worked out tonight, I wanted toput in some ride time before i have to go out of town for a week. Thanks in advance........
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Well I added each piece back one by one and nothing undid the goodness. So I guess it was a dirty filter, or possibly I didnt get the carb slide back together when I added the shims. But all works now. I was even able to get the 47t sproket on and runs good. I was cruising down the road and hit 65, and thought well this isnt bad i can live with this, as ididnt want to put the 49t back on. Then I checked to see if i had any more gears, and I did, I had yet to shift into 5th. Shifted and picked up another 5-8mph. Love this bike now.

Things i learned......

Always hook the throttle cables back up, as its hard to start without them.......

Make sure the rear brake is adjusted properly BEFORE you head out on a test ride.

The bridgestone street tires SUCK in the sand.

Thanks again for the knowledge saved in this site.....
That's why I "ALWAYS" leave mine stock.(o: I did how ever go with the 47/14 combo and just love it..... OMM.
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