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2009 TW Advice

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Hi last time I posted here I was asking about a used TW with a first gear problem. From the great advice I received I did not buy the used one. I did purchase a 2009 TW from a local dealer ( Champion Yamaha Oakland FL ) they had received an 09' with 18 miles on it from another dealer. I have been using this as my only transportation for almost a year. I am just shy of 10k miles on it. This bike is rock solid! It is my first motorcycle and has been very reliable, fun and very economical.

I must admit I have not been easy on it. Mostly riding on the street and sandy WMA roads. I put 6k on it in the first four months, and I am sorry to say I did not even pay attention to my chain until it fell off the rear gear. After that I started cleaning and adjusting it regularly. Now with almost 10k on it, my TW is in need of some love.

Hope I can find some answers here.

Searched the forum and found lots of great info but it being my only transport I am looking for some advice.

Thanks in advance for you time

2009 TW 200 Stock except for Clarke tank

Original chain and sprockets lasted 10k with no love first 6k

Original tires with 10k on them Back is still good front needs Replacement


Aluminum sprockets or steel which is best?

Being in florida (flat, flat, flat) would a 15x47 sprocket setup be better?

Does anyone have any input on these tires for the street?

Bridgestone TW204 Trail Wing

It looks like the DID Oring chain is the way to go YES?

Thanks again for your time. Mark
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Say no to aluminum sprockets.

14/47 might be tolerable on flat ground at sea level. 15/47 maybe not so much.

204's will be great on the street. Downright dangerous on sandy streets, but that's kinda true of any tire. Slight nod to a non-Trailwing knobby.

Thanks I thought the front was 15 stock. I have seen on here a few people using the 14/47. There is a lot of asphalt between home and the woods, and am very impressed with the stock tires I ride in the rain a lot but this is my first bike and have nothing to compare it with. I might just stick with the stock tires. Will see if can find more input on the Bridgestone TW204 Trail Wing. Thanks for your advice I will post some pictures of my sprockets I think they are sharp enough to slice tomatoes ;O)
Sprockets: If the OEM ones are steel,stay with the steel.

Gearing: You will probably be better off staying with the OEM set up....14/50.

Tires: Alot of the TW'ers are raving over the Shinko "golden boy"....I think it's a sr244 model?.Most folks,I believe ,stay with the OEM rear type tire(some will chime in and say different?).

Chain: O-ring....yes!.

As you have already more attention to your beloved could have easily came off in a poor situation ='s hospital or death. Have fun.

Since your at sea level,I'm not sure if re-jetting the main jet would do you any good or not?.....look into this,helps the bike run cooler,and gives a bit more pep!.

Thanks for the advice Are these the tires your talking about? Shinko SR428 I looked at them online but you just don't know until you ride them. The stock one's have treated me good. Just thought changing them at the say time is good and maybe a more street model might be quitter and give better MPG (not complaining moved from 8 mpg to 74 mpg ;o) ) Not sure why the front one wore out faster then the back, maybe it's a softer compound rubber. Thanks
I'm in the desert. We get flash floods and the sand remains on the roadway for months. Even a slight dusting near an intersection can put you on your head if you aren't paying attention. Throw in some painted lines or "STOP" stencils and things can get western pretty quick. I feel your pain. Might as well be ice.

That said I think if you go with the 204 you should also stick with the 203.

On the other hand if you go with a stock knobby in the rear put anything but a stock knobby up front as Frog has suggested.

Thanks for the great advice. My eye's and brain are blurry from searching online for parts and advice. So far I am thinking about sticking with the stock tires front and rear. They treated me well for 10,000 miles on floridas black ice. From what I read I could have extend the front tire if I had flipped it around at the first sign of wear. If I rode more technical stuff or if florida had more rocks I would change from stock front. Found the stock front tire for $67.00 and the rear for $99.00.

I am thinking about keeping a 14T on the front and going with a 47T on the rear found this Sprocket calculator for the non math inclined (me). It looks like the 14/47 would be a good fit for Florida. Did want to ask if anybody knows any input on where to purchase steel sprockets and a decent Oring chain. I am finding lots of places but not one the has it all. Also is the any issue with changing to a 520 size chain and sprockets they seem to be more available. Thanks again for your time. M
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