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2009 TW200 - Santa Cruz CA - Lots of upgrades

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I'm selling my 2009 T-dub, less than 4500 miles. I built it up as a mini-adventure bike for off-road exploration. Upgrades include:

- kick-start ($180) for extra security off-road (it also has electric start)

- Jimbo windshield ($45) - easily removable for dirt riding - thanks Jimbo!

- new Kenda K270 front tire ($70)- great tire, easily handles black diamond trails @ Hollister

- heavy duty aluminum skid plate ($80) and hand guards ($55)

- bar risers ($35) and hi-rise Pro Taper ATV bars ($70)

Oem bars & skid plate also come with bike. I took the buddy pegs off to reduce weight - they also come with.

Just about the only things left to add for long distance off-road adventures are a bigger gas tank & rack.

Regrettably, life (& wife) are forcing me to choose between garage ornaments, so the TW has to go.

Used mostly in the dirt, so some scratches. Well maintained, runs like a top.




For pics see:
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changed your mind, or sold that fast??

Sold that fast. Already miss it.
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