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2009 Yamaha TW200 - SOLD

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2009 Yamaha TW 200 with roughly 1,900 miles in excellent condition. The vast majority of the miles were on pavement. It has been upgraded with a cycleracks rear rack, ricochet skid plate, bark buster hand guards with wind shields, "cafe" style ("Jimbo") wind screen, and had a o-ring chain put on within the first 100 miles. I also have another rear sprocket that haven't been installed - forgot the tooth count, but it provides a slightly higher top end. It's been garaged it's whole life. It has received well over double the recommended oil changes, and valves were also checked on schedule and kept within specs. I have owned this bike since it was new. This motorcycle will consistently get 75 mpg. It also has dual registration - DMV (street legal) and Green Sticker (off road). I will not accept trades, or offers to barter for services.
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been looking for one in california, message on the way
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