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200cc of fun!

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I got a 2006 TW for a low price of $1000. It had a few things wrong with it . This is what I have done to fix it up-- Found that it had a burnt out tall light.Easy fix. The bike sat for a few years without being ran, The gas shut off valve was turned off, dumped all gas,darned carb, the battery was bad,replaced it, The spark plug looked good but I put a new one in anyway,The bike runs good! Just like new! I must have gotten lucky. The oil looks good. I had to adj. the stearing on it, would not go in a streigh line, Easy fix. I put on bar tusk bar riser on it, I put on a Yamaha MX 250 gear shifter on it, new E -bay foot pegs for my Size 13 boots. I just put a DG exhaust muffler on it. I got the one with the quite pipe,It add a little more back psi. I looked at the plug it is a light tan color, runs good! The sound is like a dirt bike ! Like it!! I am in Long Beach CA, so I don't think I need to jet it. It is a CA. Bike. Sea Level. I am 6ft 5 inch tall, 240 Lbs. The bike is like a pit bike to me but I like to ride it, I must be nuts! I have a Suzuki drz 400s , Have not used since I got this bike, Just a lot of fun to ride the TW, I have gotten it up to 66 mph. Not to bad for It. I think it is happy at 50mph. The forum has been a big help to me. I think I will use this bike for a long time. IT IS JUST FUN TO RIDE!! I have about $ 300 in extra that I put on the TW. Now I just have to make time to ride, with summer coming I will have a good time on PCH on a hot day!
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Welcome to the addiction!
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