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200cc of fun!

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I got a 2006 TW for a low price of $1000. It had a few things wrong with it . This is what I have done to fix it up-- Found that it had a burnt out tall light.Easy fix. The bike sat for a few years without being ran, The gas shut off valve was turned off, dumped all gas,darned carb, the battery was bad,replaced it, The spark plug looked good but I put a new one in anyway,The bike runs good! Just like new! I must have gotten lucky. The oil looks good. I had to adj. the stearing on it, would not go in a streigh line, Easy fix. I put on bar tusk bar riser on it, I put on a Yamaha MX 250 gear shifter on it, new E -bay foot pegs for my Size 13 boots. I just put a DG exhaust muffler on it. I got the one with the quite pipe,It add a little more back psi. I looked at the plug it is a light tan color, runs good! The sound is like a dirt bike ! Like it!! I am in Long Beach CA, so I don't think I need to jet it. It is a CA. Bike. Sea Level. I am 6ft 5 inch tall, 240 Lbs. The bike is like a pit bike to me but I like to ride it, I must be nuts! I have a Suzuki drz 400s , Have not used since I got this bike, Just a lot of fun to ride the TW, I have gotten it up to 66 mph. Not to bad for It. I think it is happy at 50mph. The forum has been a big help to me. I think I will use this bike for a long time. IT IS JUST FUN TO RIDE!! I have about $ 300 in extra that I put on the TW. Now I just have to make time to ride, with summer coming I will have a good time on PCH on a hot day!
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Welcome to the asylum!

Change the oil immediately, if not sooner. Old oil may look clean but still have acids and varnishes that develop from a combination of condensation, contaminants, and combustion byproducts that make it past the rings. Engine oil should be changed at least every 6 months if the engine is started at all. If a bike sits over 6 months, the oil should be changed before the engine is started.
I will change the oil this weekend, thanks for the info!
Bahl dee from the great green north! (That’s “Good day” in Boontling, local dialect.) You scored!!

Which foot pegs did you end up getting? I’m considering doing that upgrade.

Welcome to the club!
I got them from E-Bay, Black Foot Pegs from Motor99Motor for 24.95, free shipping , only took 2 days to get. Good Luck.
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