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Oh Yamaha, how could you tease us with this concept and never incorporate a single one of it’s innovations in the subsequent years?
Rough translation:
"This is the motorcycle we will never build, despite it's Serow and Trailway heritage. Forget us making a small displacement adventure tourer with factory GPS, 110 generator w/ cooling fan, rear disc brake, or factory hand guards, etc,etc... No skid plate that turns into a shovel, removable lithium LED auxilliary lights, nor a actual load bearing rack systems or anything that entails new tooling."

I would have at least thought Yamaha’s proud racing heritage's historical yellow color would make a comeback on the TW. The Speedblock on my YZ250G was as big a selling point for me as it’s explosive acceleration back in 1980. It doesn’t explode anywhere anymore, but neither do I. However I still find myself admiring it’s dusty parked form now and then. :p 1980YZ250800wide.jpg
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