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2013 SFRC: Urban Enduro - Alley Sweeper

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According to their website, it looks like the date is set for April 14th, 2013.

For more info, see last year's thread:

Date: 4-14-13 (SUNDAY!)

Destination: 633 N.Tillamook St Portland, OR 97227

Ride begins at: 10am

Optional pancake feed at: 830am

Communication: Bring your GPS, 2-way radio, and cell phone.


Small convoy heading up from Salem, Albany, Springtucky, and McMinnville. Some riding and some trailering trail bikes.

Leaving Salem around ~730am.

Meeting in Tualatin, off I-5 (exit 289) at the old Kmart parking lot (7655 SW Nyberg Rd). Should arrive in Tualatin ~815am

Plan to leave there around 830am to arrive at destination ~9am.

ANYONE is welcome to join us.

We'll have 2way radio's on channel 4 or 10.
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Woo Hoo! I'm hoping to join you on this one! I'm gonna drive down to NorCal the previous weekend to join those guys on a fun ride. So long as myself and the Tdub are still in one piece.... I will join you
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I would imagine parking will be an issue, and I'm not too keen on riding my Tdub up Interstate-5... what did you guys do last year to convoy up there and where did you park/meet up?
I plan on being there. I'll be driving up to Tualatin and meet you at the Kmart parking lot. I'll be riding 2up for the sweeper, I'm bringing my son. He should be able to get some good photos and video

Looking forward to it, it should be fun!!!
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The Alley Sweeper was a blast, I have a few pics and video I'll post up later. Thanks darnold87 for organizing a group to join the event. You guys did a great job of keeping us all together in that total chaos!!
Did anybody see this dub at the alley sweeper? Havent heard from my dad (littlecowHT) in a couple days and im wondering if he made it. Probably still riding knowing him.

Yes, he was there. He parked next to us when we were stopped down below the railroad tracks next to the river. I can't remember his name, but I remember the bike.
Here are some pictures I took from the weekend... After looking at the pics, I was mostly interested in all the unusual bikes

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Here's a few more!

Here's a pic of darnold87

Here's a pic of OldWhiteTruck

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That indian has a disc front brake! i was checking out the ratty ct70, the super clean ct110, and the yamaha dt.... those three nearly follow my bike progression as a kid. (mini z50, ct90 and dt 175)

i wonder what was the ratio of street legal to not and registered to not.... HA!

what a blast you guys had, a whole bunch of awesomeness!

Funny you should have noticed that disc brake on the Indian... It caught my eye too!

It's off of a Mountain Bike, yes bicycle!!!

And yes, I was lauging my arse off at all the NON street legal bikes all day!! It was comical to see bikes like the BW200 cruising down the streets of down town Portland!!!
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Ha Ha, I forgot about spooking the guy peeing in the alleyway!!
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not an expert in the test, but i think it is under, not between....

ha ha, couldn't help but laugh at this one while thinking of my wife in her current state (8 months preggo) She could hold that pencil in any postition! Between, under, on top, it don't matter
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