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2013 SFRC: Urban Enduro - Alley Sweeper

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According to their website, it looks like the date is set for April 14th, 2013.

For more info, see last year's thread:

Date: 4-14-13 (SUNDAY!)

Destination: 633 N.Tillamook St Portland, OR 97227

Ride begins at: 10am

Optional pancake feed at: 830am

Communication: Bring your GPS, 2-way radio, and cell phone.


Small convoy heading up from Salem, Albany, Springtucky, and McMinnville. Some riding and some trailering trail bikes.

Leaving Salem around ~730am.

Meeting in Tualatin, off I-5 (exit 289) at the old Kmart parking lot (7655 SW Nyberg Rd). Should arrive in Tualatin ~815am

Plan to leave there around 830am to arrive at destination ~9am.

ANYONE is welcome to join us.

We'll have 2way radio's on channel 4 or 10.
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This ride would be so cool! I hope that you guys have a good turnout of TW's thundering through the neighborhoods. Looking forward to lots of pictures.
Thanks Mike!

There were some pretty unusual bikes represented there - a Yamaha TDR, that Indian and a John Deere scooter! It looked like a few of them were only recently residents of some of the alleys you probably rode through.
What is that beast at the bottom. That simply looks mean.
My guess is a Ducati with knobbies - Awesome!
Well, I officially hate all of you guys who got to ride this awesome thing.

I have received ONE, yes, "uno" "1" replies to local ads to try and get something similar going here in Tucson where we have an almost 1:1 ratio of streets to alleys throughout most of the city limits

Congratulations on the legendary event you've established up there, it looks like too much fun to give up on ripping off, so I guess I'll keep trying!
Hey Don,

If I were closer, I would definitely be in!

Don't get too discouraged, things like this take some time to take off. Even if you only have a handful of participants you will have bragging rights for being part of the first annual event!

Just set a date, plan a route, see who shows up, ride, have fun and take lots of pictures. That way, everyone will see what they missed out on and maybe next year you'll have twice as many participants.
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1 - 4 of 65 Posts
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