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Please post fliers and/or pass the word on to others via Facebook, Twitter, ADVrider site, dualsport clubs, etc...
For rides to continue (5th year) at least 60 riders need to pre-register and pre pay one month before ride. (Checks will not be cashed until ride is confirmed, if ride does not happen a full refund will be returned)
Pre-registration updates will be given via email stating what the numbers to date are.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Dan Fargen (608) 445-8228

P.S. Date change for Trempealeau County ride due to rain.
I am planning on going on a Guided Trail ride in Trempealeau County for ATVs and Dirt Bikes (I plan on riding my Dirt Bike) this weekend (Sat. the 29th and Sun. the 30th) If anybody is interested in more information or carpooling (2 1/2 hour drive from Middleton) feel free to call me. Their website is Trempealeau County ATV Club :: Home

2013 Southern Wisconsin Guided Trail Rides.jpg
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