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2013 Spring Southern Utah Adventure

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Southern Utah Spring Adventure

After planning for this Adventure for much of the winter, my friend Larry and I hit the road on March 16. We are both TW200 riders and have ridden dirt bikes for many years. Larry had his big pickup pulling a toy hauler trailer. I had my small motor home with my TW on the front and pulling my car behind.

We made it to just south of Carlin Nevada the first night. Then on toward St. George the second day. A little tire trouble delayed us ½ day but we forged on. Based on B-dub’s suggestion we resolved the tire issues at Discount Tire and then camped up on Old Dump Road north of St. George.

We took a ride clear around The Red Cliff Reserve. There was some beautiful scenery and by hooking in to about 4 miles of the freeway going back to camp, made a nice lope out of it.

We then headed down to the Bloomington area. Found a great area west of town to set up camp. We rode some really good single tracks as well as some mining roads. We were in awe of much of the country we traveled through as it has no visual equal in other places we have ridden.

Then it was off to the Goose Berry Mesa. We set up camp in some juniper shrubs overlooking a colorful canyon and stayed for a couple of days of exploring. The view in every direction was spectacular.

To the northeast was Zion National Park. One day we road down to the valley below to a town named Springdale. This is at the entrance to Zion. Had lunch at Blonde’s diner.

This must be a prototype version of the TW200.

Finally we were able to hook up with B-dub on his day off and go for a ride. We had moved our camp to just west of Virgin, Utah and B-dub joined us on Saturday morning. We head off to Smith’s Mesa via Hurricane Mesa road. I was glad to have my Carhart coveralls in the rig cause it was colder than a frozen turd in a dead Alaskan’s ass . On the first part of the journey, we stopped by a big overhanging rock and right there above our heads was an ancient piece of Indian art.

We made a big loop and ended up near camp at the site of the 2010 Mtn bike RAMPAGE competition.

The next day it was off to Moab. The adventure continues.
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Looked like a fun adventure Ron. I'm sure it is so much more colorful than what the photo's show, and they are very colorful.
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