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KTM RC 390 2015 - Highlights

Do you guys get tired of me posting about every new bike that I find desirable in the "other bikes" section? Sorry, lol, I am a motorcycle fanatic to the core and just can't help myself!

Even though I don't really "do" crotch rockets anymore (for reasons I won't go into here), I still appreciate a lively track scalpel when I see one! I hate how there are bikes (from all categories) that we don't get here in the U.S. This RC 390, for example, would surely be excellent competition for the 300 class Honda and Kawasaki that we get here in the states; even Honda's 500 very well might not be safe...

EDIT: I've just read that, according to Ultimate Motorcycling News, this motorcycle WILL in fact be available in the U.S. in March, of 2015. Fantastic!
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