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Well my fellow Tdub'ers, I tried.

I made 274 miles before my regulator fried.
Work my way up to third from starting almost last in my class; and beatting my crew to the first pit by 15 mins.
And was still gaining on second 馃槂

It was brutal and I beat the absolute hell out of Petunia but she was relentless and never stopped driving forward.
I was considering still going on but decided without a headlight; plus I ripped off my taillight somewhere it was going to be to dangerous.
Even when I was pinned pulling 60+ the class ones and trick trucks were blowing by at 125mph in the silt !!!

Super Fun !!! Y'all should give it a go.

Oh yeah, some dude decided to tell me in the last pit how racing my bike wasn't very "responsible", his team showed up an hour behind me on a XR650R.


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Congrats on your efforts!

How many miles on the regulator?

Coils burnt or wires open?
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