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Spent the last 6wks in Washington and was going to sell my place. Did a lot of getting rid of extras and cleaning up. Had a good offer but just couldn't let go. If I sold it I would be a man without a home.
By clearing out the shop area I was able to park my plane, jeep, and a tractor with the rest of my tools. I will be heading back in August. Am here in Georgia and the gkids are coming the first week of aug so need to stick around for that.
Was going to bring my plane back, but with the heat and air density it is better to fly in the northwest. Have to say, had the greatest day with my son. He is working on getting his private license also. Was the first time since he was 15 that we had a day to ourselves, he is 48 now. Got captured by his future wife .Spent the day getting him familiar with a taildragger as he bought one.
The trip was a long one as I had company. Usually 3 days maybe 4, this time 6. Won't happen again lol. Too many where are we?, when we going to stop, I need to ---.
Hope all of you are enjoying the out of doors. I sure miss being in tall timber and around clear streams of the northwest. May have to find another tw to keep up there.
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