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After picking up the New 2014 with 1 mile on the Odometer in late March 2014....I have manage to ride the Blue Bike the above miles over 3 years...Moab, Upper Great Lakes, West "By God" Virginia mountains, Big Bend National Park Texas, and the Southern Indiana Covered Bridge area....the bike is still running strong, not as pretty as when purchased, but it looks OK none~the~less

Over the past 4 months of March covering 3 years plus 10 days...

{1} March 2014 new in the Garage waiting on its' first ride {2} No longer a Virgin, after tackling Potash the Island and following Fred up Kane Creek Canyon at Moab March 2015 {3} March 2016...Looking out over the Rio Grande at Ol' Mexico at Big Bend NP...{4} Just a half hour ago, sitting out on Windy Point State Park on Grand Lake...after a 25 mile shake down 2017 ride...sitting in the garage all winter didn't see to do her no harm{ignore the date the new little camera is wrong, Hoot never is}: :p

tw200 004.JPG

KOA TW Red Dirt Reaized.jpg

Big Bend Motorcycle Run 2016 043.JPG

Resized TW.jpg


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