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Number 1 is for ladies only (at least I hope so).

1 Riding in stilettos and getting stuck on the footrest.

2 Putting your foot down on something slippery when stopping.

3 Locking the front wheel during overenthusiastic braking.

4 Missing the driveway and sliding on the grass.

5 Not putting the kickstand down when getting off.

6 Make a turn from stop in gravel or sand at high throttle.

7 Not putting a board ('foot')under the kickstand on asphalt on a hot day.

8 Letting overenthusiastic people sit on your bike who have never been on a


9 Forgetting the bike's in gear when you jump on the kickstarter.

10 Revving the engine, releasing clutch, and putting feet on pegs when the light

turns green, but the bike's in neutral.

11 Not putting your foot down when stopping at red light.

12 Losing balance when putting it on the centerstand.

13 Take an hour ride in 30 degree weather with no gloves, stop at a stop sign

and pop the clutch when you start because you've lost feeling in your hands.

14 Putting your foot down at a toll booth on the thick layer of grease that

builds up when cars stop.

15 Using too much power when you pull out of a greasy toll booth.

16 Ignoring the sand that builds up in the spring at the side of the road (in

places where roads are sanded and salted in winter.)

17 Kicking your kickstand in a cool fashion and having it bounce back up instead

of staying down.

18 Getting off your bike while it is running and forgetting that is in gear.

19 Backing down an inclined driveway, turning to either side with a full tank of


20 Assuming that all wet roads are created equal. They are much more slippery

when it first starts to rain - until the oil and dirt are washed away.

21 Assuming that the condition of a blind corner is the same as it was the last

time you rode it. Instead you find sticks, road kill, oil, rain wash, stones,

pot holes, garbage, etc.

22 Having your boot/jeans catch the gear-lever and putting your running bike

into first gear whilst reaching for the side-stand (which is why I now

automatically pull in the clutch whenever deploying or retracting the stand.)

23 Allow friend to ride bike that has either no riding experience, or only tiny

dirt bike riding experience (they will wheelie out of control, fly straight at

the nearest object, or drop it attempting to stop suddenly.)

24 Swinging your legs too enthusiastically over the bike with tight trousers on

and kicking it over.

25 Revving bike in impressive squidly fashion at red light, thinking it's in

neutral; dropping clutch and standing in place while bike wheelies and backflips

into intersection.

26 Trying to get a wasp or bee out of your jacket while sitting on the bike.

27 Hitting that patch of sand which has washed across the road on a blind bend.

28 Assuming the puddle of liquid behind the convenience store was water when it

was actually used motor oil.

29 Bald tires, and a smatter of rain.

30 Look at the sand at the edge of the exit ramp rather than through the turn.

31 Neither you nor your dad watching while he's backing his car up to the

woodpile to unload wood.

32 Put armor all on your tires to make them look nice and pretty and then ride

on the white safety lane line as you take a HARD right turn at 35mph.

33 Trying to hold the bike upright before deploying the center stand only to

find your knees are too weak from riding.

34 Park behind friend's mom's minivan figuring "If anybody goes anywhere,

they'll surely see it. 'specially since there'll be 5 of them getting into the


35 After getting fuel at gas station and holding the bike level with your legs

in order to fill it completely, jumping off forgetting that your legs were

holding it upright not the kickstand.

36 Entering a DR ("decreasing radius") turn too fast. This is especially

dangerous when making a right turn where if you attempt to straighten up and

brake, you'll plow into oncoming traffic.

37 Falling asleep.

38 Getting your boot/ shoelace caught on the gearshift. (I wear laceless boots


39 Reaching down to pick up your gloves/keys/glasses.

40 Getting miffed off for dropping it in the first place, yanking it vigorously

off the ground, only to have it drop to the other side.

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I dump the tw at the post office a couple of weeks ago. I thought the kick stand was all the way down, and go to hop off, and I do a summersault of it and head my helmet on the road. I get up look around, and lucky me no one is around. I have fall off twice now both times not moving. The other time my feet did not touch.

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I never dropped my TW200's, but I dropped the TW125 twice.

First time was while turning just after starting it, due to a cold engine and unresponsive throttle.

Then I did #5 at a gas station. Laughed my head off in my helmet but never returned to that station again!!

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Missing a few more likely with a TW.

#41. Discovering the depth of a mudhole.

#42. Finding out it is actually possible to float a motorcycle on washboards.

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Multiple Bike Syndrome is responsible for most of my zero speed verticals. Go from riding TW for a week, switch to 700 pound road bike or dualsport with 6 inches more seat height, etc.

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Riding over a slime covered skull in a 14 inch deep waterhole. Only time I ever dropped a TW.

BTW, Broke my leg but rode down out of the mountains and home for 25 miles before a friend drove me to the hospital.

Yes, it did sting some. Especially the ride home.

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