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42 tooth rear sproket

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I'm looking at putting a 42 tooth rear sproket on my 03. Currently I'm running a stock 50. I can get to 50/60 but with a lot of whinning. Wanting to read facts from those that have tried or use this setup?

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This fellow (Craigerk) seems real happy: "I ride street only only, going to work, in reign, leisurely, didn't think about throwing in there what I ride. If its not street its just going down a rail road bed that's in the same direction for a change of scenery. I have a 14/42 set up with a DG pipe, cone filter and stock jetting. I didn't get it new its an 05. But when I got it the only thing the guy had changed was the rear sprocket to a 47 but I wanted more top end so I swapped. Joke that helps and clarify. glad you don't want proof cause like I said i'm not good at doing wheelies and a big guy doing a wheely on a small Ish bike doesn't even look good ha ha "
Personally, dropping all the way down to a 42 would not be your best choice... You indicate that you like to do some trails. To me, a 42 will impact you off-road a lot. Seems what in effect you are doing is pretty much giving up your 5 gear and as well making your 1st almost a pavement only gear. If you use the gear calculator you will see that a 45 will still give you an ok rpm in 4th for that 60mph. As well, your first gear will be a bit more capable in the dirt than with the 42. Those smaller rear sprockets did not work for me as I don't do much high speed travel.

I'm not into selling stuff, but my try with a 45 did not last more than a couple of hundred miles. I will sell you the 45 tooth sprocket hanging from my rafter for $10 plus shipping. Gerry
Ok Larry, I will find out the shipping from the Post Office tomorrow. I will then send you a personal message with the total and my address. You will know you have a message if you look to the top right of the forum screen where your name is. There will likely be a number suggesting you have 1 (2,3,4...) messages that you 'need' to read. Click on the number, read the message and then reply as if the message was a post thread.

All the sprockets I run are manufactured by JT sprockets. I have always been very happy with the quality, however, they have a recess/thinner portion where the sprocket bolts to the hub. This will prevent the stock bolts from tightening down all the way as they will now not be threaded enough. I simply when to 3/8" grade 8 SAE bolts. You can use washers as spacers on the stock bolts as well. I have done it both ways without issue.

Remember as well, I am not a fan of the 45 tooth sprocket as I think it may still have you geared to high. Importmech uses a 47 and personally that is as small as I would consider, but the decision is yours. This is not the sprocket you would be buying, just shows you the center portion. Gerry

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Well Larry, likely you're going to think I sell used cars for a living (nothing wrong with that actually). Went out into the shop this morning in my jammies to pull the sprocket from the nail in the rafter. My intention was to wipe any chain lube off and lay it on the kitchen counter so I would not forget to take it to the Post Office for weighing. I know it seems hard to believe me, but sometimes I forget things. To counter this possibility, When I think of what I need to do, I act promptly and do something that will jog my memory.

Got the sprocket and started wiping. JT-CT-45, well that makes sense for a 45 tooth sprocket wright? Well, not completely. As I moved my rag a bit more, and my eyes focused, some additional text indicates that a CT-45 sprocket actually has 47 teeth...... It just so happens this is what I mentioned in the above post as what you really need. Do you feel set-up or what

Seems the same thing happened last year when a forum member stopped by while on an adventure from New Mexico to Colorado. He was running a 45 and things were pretty worn out. I said no problem, as I have got a 45 in the shop. Yes, I have a CT-45 but it is a 47 tooth sprocket.

I certainly have no problem parting with it, but won't do anything till I hear back from you. Geeezz. Gerry
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I'm a Peddler by vocation and I can tell you are the type of person I would believe. Yes I would like to have the 45. I went out again this afternoon and the little 42 did OK except for either end. Deffinately not what I need for these mountains/hills & hollors around here. Top-end was 75 when I quit. The GRUNT was absolutely gone. Like I mentioned last nite the only time I want to be first these days is Supper and one or two other things, letting the younger folks run out front is OK with me. It also cuts down on running into spider webs. My mailing address is Larry Curry - 416 Cumberland Dr. - Huntsville, Al 35803. I will send you the money as soon as I have your address.

Thanks partner

I would sell you the 45 if I had it, but for some reason my CT-45 is in fact a 47 tooth sprocket. I will still go and weigh it Monday, but need you to confirm that you feel comfortable buying a 47 tooth instead of the 45 that I thought it was. Sorry for the confusion. Gerry
Seems shipping will be about $5.50. I do have two of these and I am not sure why. As indicated, one is very slightly used which I offered for $10. The other is brand new and I will have to adjust the price up abit to $14 plus shipping. Gerry
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