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5.10x18 K270 is a run-flat?

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I LOVE the 5.10 K270 I have on the front. I've ridden it hard for many many miles on every kind of terrain, and it's not even showing any wear. It's almost kinda weird... But I didn't know they were this tough until today...

I knew my front tire pressure was a little low from a recent 165 mile dualsport trip through the Oregon Cascades, about a month ago... Since then, I've been riding on it around town, sweeping alleyways, doin' wheelie's, exploring parking garages and downtown passageways, etc... Well, I finally remember to check the actual tire psi this morning before heading off to work.

Hmmmm, that's strange, the tire gauge isn't moving... must have gone bad? The second tire gauge didn't read either! So I blast some compressor air into the tire for just 1-2 seconds. Now the tire gauge reads 5psi. Well, that confirms it. I've been riding around with a deflated front tire for weeks!

Now I'm not one to miss a flat or even low tire. But these tough tires don't even hint at being flat. Only reason I knew it was low is because I deflated them down to about 14psi for the trip a month ago. And for some reason, they went ahead and deflated all the way down without me knowing. So hopefully its just a leaky air valve.

Anyway, it's kinda nice to know that a flat 5.10 K270 on the front will still get you home. Heck, it will get you to and from work and let you ride for weeks without knowing! crazzzzzzy.

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Running flat has been my flat-tire plan all along. Instead of carrying all the flat tire repair tools and supplies, I was planning to ride on the rims as far as I could.

I've tried running on a flat on one of my brother's bikes I borrowed for a ride. It got a flat on the rear. Running on the flat worked for about half a mile then the rim started spinning inside the tire. (Should've worn better walking shoes...)
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