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50,000 Mile TW

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I finally hit the 50,000 mile mark on the way home from work today.

I hit this on the way home from work. I was able to pull over in my neighborhood and snap a couple of pics.

This is what a ragged out 50,000 mile TW looks like.
I rode the TW down the freeway to my mom's Wednesday.
I only hit 70 mph but it starts gettng the high speed wobble so I had to slow down.

That was after the trip to my mom's.

A pic at my mom's.

Before leaving work today.
New oil thread, I mostly use Valvoline. I use Marvel Mystery Oil in my gas. The most major repair was a valve job around 40,000 or 42,000 miles. I think Texas being a warmer climate helped to prolong engine life. More steady temps means less expansion and contraction.
Here's to more riding and less working on the bikes.
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I forgot, the 49,999.2 was taken at the light. Long line of cars, long red light, phone convienently in my pocket. Not before leaving work.
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Maybe it's my connection but all I see is minus symbols incased in a circle. No pictures.

Congratulations on the milage! I know you've given updates here and there on maintenance you've done. Could you possibly do a list on this thread on what you've been through? Clutch, brakes, cables, wires, engine, etc.
I'll give you an off the top of my head list first.

Clutch, I've onlly installed one, Barnett clutch kit with springs, I did it around the same time I did the valve job, around 40,000-42,000 miles. The funny thing is that the stock clutches weren't actually worn out. I still have them laying around here.
Timing guides were worn so I suggest change them out when doing your first valve job.

Brakes, I know I bought one set of brakes but it came with 2 sets of brakes. I finally installed the 2nd set on the front around 30,000ish miles. Only one set of shoes on the rear have been changed. So brakes, front about every 20,000 miles on my schedule and rears probably about every 30,000.

Cables, I only changed the front brake cable once. I changed it because the little rubber return by the nut would not help push my brake lever back, I had to flip it with my hand, which I did for years. The new cable worked much better, smoother better travel. Mileage unknown but maybe about 5 years ago on the brake cable.

Coil and wire replaced because I didn't know what I was doing and broke or thought I broke the boot and connector. That was my fault, not wear.

Wiring, no wiring has ever been changed unless you count the coil I messed up.

Same original engine, piston and rings. I had it all out when I did the valve job and was expecting it would need replaced. According to the manual and measurements everything was still in spec, even the bore and piston.

I did one complete carb overhaul around the same time when I was doing the valve job.
Before that, I did up the jet slightly due to the fuel change when they introduced ethanol.
I think the fuel tank liner I installed, an inline filter, MMO and constant riding helped to not have carb problems.

Batteries, Yuasa never held up past 2 years. The best one I had is the undersized Scorpian battery, I forgot the number. It's been in the bike about 6 or 7 years now. I have a kick starter so I make them all last longer than their real life. I claimed it dead on this site at 5 plus years on my review even though it will still sometimes start the bike.

Chain and sprockets, About 2 front sprockets and one rear spocket, about 3 chains. I never changed all as a set. If you can find it I had a pic of my worn front sprocket on this site and it was pretty slick. Change them more often than I did. I waited too long on the first chain swap and it wore my sprockets out prematurely. The O-ring chains save tons of maintenance on chain adjustments and sprocket replacements. I use PJ1 chain lube, I ride mostly on the street.

Wheel bearings, I changed the rear ones out around 30,000 miles and I may have changed the front about the same time.
Steering head bearings. These were catchy for years, so I changed them out way after they should have been. For best performance I would say do the tapered wheel bearing mod on the steering stem around 20,000 miles. That's my .02 cent opinion.

Probably the biggest actual problem I had on my bike was the leaky base gasket. I just watched the oil level and never worried about it. I did retorque the head a couple of times but it never helped.

Oil changes, about every 3,000 miles. Swap in a clean filter every time. I have 3 filters so I can clean them at a later date.

Tappet adjustments, probably not often enough checked but very close to spec every time. I had red about the tappet screw wearing so I changed mine, compared to the new one it was not bad.

Top motor mount (stay) broke years ago so keep an eye on them if rough jumping or off roading.

Chain slider broke and locked my back tire, keep a good eye on that.

Front fork seals were changed before 40,000 miles.

Looking back, I have done a lot of work on this bike. Only a little work at a time over many years with very little money makes this an excellent low maintenance bike.

If anyone does a search on the site and finds something above in error, please feel free to let us know the correct info.
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Ken, Congrats on rollin' 50,000 miles!! That's too cool! Looking forward to the pics*.

*As @Apolloha mentioned....I too don't see any pics.
I dropped and dragged them but forgot to click the pic icon. whoops.
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Not Mine .A Japanese Rider Who Passed That In 2019 TW200のブログ
That beat me, equal to nearly 63,000 miles. I wonder if he did an engine overhaul within that mileage.
I can't quite read the text.
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You can use ''translate this page '' next to the bookmark tab on google . I have been following his blog very longtime . TW200のブログ
The translate worked. Wow, he documented everything. Very impressive.
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