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50,000 Mile TW

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I finally hit the 50,000 mile mark on the way home from work today.

I hit this on the way home from work. I was able to pull over in my neighborhood and snap a couple of pics.

This is what a ragged out 50,000 mile TW looks like.
I rode the TW down the freeway to my mom's Wednesday.
I only hit 70 mph but it starts gettng the high speed wobble so I had to slow down.

That was after the trip to my mom's.

A pic at my mom's.

Before leaving work today.
New oil thread, I mostly use Valvoline. I use Marvel Mystery Oil in my gas. The most major repair was a valve job around 40,000 or 42,000 miles. I think Texas being a warmer climate helped to prolong engine life. More steady temps means less expansion and contraction.
Here's to more riding and less working on the bikes.
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Thanks for posting your maintenance info & congrats on 50k - that’s
serious mileage on a TW.
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