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6ah vs 6.5ah - is it worth a $20 difference?

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Here is a link to batteries I am considering:

The PowerSonic looks like the standard generic 6ah AGM ytz7s battery at $45.95

The Motoblatt battery claims to be a 6.5ah battery. I noticed that it also has different style terminals. Is the Motoblatt worth the extra $19 at $64.76?


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I've haven't run my bike for a little over a month now. I went out and it was stone dead today. My voltmenter was reading only milivolts in it..

I've let it sit twice this long before with the stock battery.

I checked for parasitic draw and found none.

I'll see how it comes back. The shorai in my daughter's quad is still holding up well. Poor battery hasn't even had it's first birthday yet, it has only seen about 800 miles of use. If it's toast I'll see how my warranty holds up.

I rode the bike for 45 minutes and then put it on a battery tender jr. It took 20 hours @ .75 amps before it was fully charged. .


Shorai emailed me back and offered to replace it asap.

So, what is the end result Rich.....did Shorai send you another battery or did you go back to lead acid?.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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