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6ah vs 6.5ah - is it worth a $20 difference?

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Here is a link to batteries I am considering:

The PowerSonic looks like the standard generic 6ah AGM ytz7s battery at $45.95

The Motoblatt battery claims to be a 6.5ah battery. I noticed that it also has different style terminals. Is the Motoblatt worth the extra $19 at $64.76?


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All good points. I have the Shorai, and so far have been amazed at its performance. I left my headlight on when I took it to the store last week, & after chatting up the cute clerk for far too long, came out & discovered what I had done. I turned off the key, kicked back for about 10 minutes while I adjusted my groceries into my cargo crate & back pack, turned the key on & pushed the starter button. It cranked like normal & started right up.

I like my Lith battery, but here is my feelings. Just like computer batteries, or for that matter, lead acid batteries, they will only perform well & last a reasonable amount of time, ALL depending on how they are cared for.

I like the Lith battery (Shorai) because there is no acid & acid related corrosion to contend with, no electrolyte maintenance, and it has lots of power.

If you do a lot of off road, you might conceder the kick start kit. You'll find it on this forum. m.
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OK, I'm giving a quick update on my Shorai battery. I installed it back around the end of Feb. 2012, and it has provided excellent service so far. The bike has been sitting for a good three weeks, as I pulled my back & am giving it a chance to feel better.

So here is the test. The bike has been sitting for three weeks +, with no type of battery tender on it. I went out to the barn just now, about 54deg. F, & started the bike. The bike had satisfactory cranking power, & started up ok.

But it was apparent that it was not up to full power. I think from my observation, that, just like a lead acid battery, if the bike is going to sit for any length of time at all, it must have some sort of battery tender used, and IMHO the bike should be started up at the very least, once a month & allowed to run for 10 minutes, if at all possible.

My two conclusions as of this date, First, (new) The Lith batteries (like the Shorai, etc.) are just another good type of battery that for many riders may be a better choice for their situation, but must be maintained just like any battery, or you will have issues. And second, (old, tried & true.) is all vehicles, be it tractor or motorcycle, must be ran at least once a month, this insures that it will remain running well. Nothing likes to sit for too long. (I could make a joke here, but I'll spare everyone... this time.) m.
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