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87 with 94 cdi

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Ok so, A friend of mine has an 87. We discovered the cdi was bad so we put a 94 cdi wired right to the stator I believe for a few wires. Stator, magneto and rectifier are all from the 94. His headlight is dim, blinkers don't work and brake light doesn't work. Anyone know what else we need to do to correct this? Bike runs great.
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They aren't wired the same, so you'll need to figure out all the differences one by one and change the '87 harness accordingly.

It isn't rocket science and it can be done if you understand electricity, wiring diagrams and alternative methods of controlling a circuit. If you don't, you're better off with the '94 harness. It's plug and play since you've already swapped the stator.

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