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I have a 91 TW and the bike has been bored out and rebuilt. We have put in a brand new carb boot and carb holder. All the individual carb parts are new. The carb choke plunger is new. But despite all this the bike still runs crappy. The running idle surges or goes up and down and is very scetchy and now the bike runs worse after installing the new choke nob. It is very hard to start and dies out. The fuel petcock is good as we have run the bike from a alternate fuel source bypassing the petcock and it still runs crappy. The plug on the carb was removed as suggested on another forum here. So we ( and my mechanic are at wits end trying to figure out why the bike runs so crappy.

I have not even been able to take the bike for a ride yet since I bought it 2 months ago. We have been waiting for parts etc.

I know there have been many discussions on carb problems and I have read many. Aside from buying a brand new carb, could there be something simple we are missing?

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First, I'd double check the condition and routing of all hoses and such. You know, just in case.

I'd then proceed with a good side-by-side comparison between the parts diagrams and the actual carb parts, especially checking for something missing, especially something tiny and easily overlooked. While going through the carb again I'd carefully and patiently inspect each and every component for contamination or defects. I'd exactly follow the directions in the repair manual for reassembly, double double checking adjustments, alignments, and torques.
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