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94 Magnet plastic on Flywheel

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Official hello all, I just finished full rebuilds on my matching Km 94’s, using this forum to no small part. Did a 4 hour shakedown run on both bikes, which ran flawlessly. Brought them home and noticed one had a leaking base gasket… took it apart and the new Athena gasket was wrinkled up and failed. No issue with the moose gasket. 2nd issue was a new leaking Athena stator gasket, so ai just took it off to inspect, and found this…

It was all attached fine in the flywheel, but the plastic was cracked and wiggling around. Took it out and am JB welding it together, but am not sold on that fix at all.

Is the plastic needed? Is it just to keep shavings from building up on the magnets?

Doesn't seem to be any other mention of this on the entire web, Anyone have advice?
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