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Back before I had kids, I would buy a bunch of odd toys that I would find at yard sales or where ever I could find them. My favorites to pick up were old stamped steel trucks, especially Mighty Tonka. I wish I could post a pick of them, but they are out in a shed in "storage" (my wife's term for things no longer need to be in the house ;))

Sitting here today, I had the same thought I have had for years; I wonder if they are old enough to appreciate them yet?

Still not sure on that, but when I was getting down one box, I seen another and immediately thought of Borneo.

What I was after was a cool woodworking kit I found somewhere. Not all the old, but definitely cool (not sure if they make anything like it anymore). I believe it is from about the 80's.

Here is that...

After all these years, it still works!!! (battery operated)

As neat as that is, what caught my attention was the box on top. I found this cleaning out my Grandma's house after she passed. Funny, I never recall ever getting to see it while she was alive...Probably the reason it still works :p

This is quite a bit older. Stamped steel with a little wind up that turns the center (rotating) tiger targets. The little pop gun still works too!

The pop gun is a little...well, not as robust as I think a boys toy should be, so back up it will go until later. But still a reminder that not only were toys made better back then, but also soooo much cooler. I watch the kids channel with the kids and think to myself, that is the dumbest..., What ever happened to GI Joe? :(

Another one that I am pretty proud of I have out in the shed. It was also found in Grandma's house. How it is complete, in the box (with a handwritten closeout price tag of $1.50 :eek:) is beyond me; Probably because I have another set without the box. I wish I could get out the to get a picture of the simple packaging (red and blue on a plain white box)....I guess you can just Google Jarts box to know what I am taking about. Man we played the heck out of those, and No One died :) But then again, we did much more dangerous things back then; with not much supervision. Hell, Mom chased us out of the house to go find something to do.:eek:
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