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I just bought a 2001 TW 200 and have a few questions on it. I have read about every post on here I can find on the carbs and jetting and am unsure on why my bike would have a #120 jet in it. I am pretty sure no one has been into the carb before me. Everything I have read on here says they came with a #125 jet from the factory. Are the factory jets hex shaped? I ordered a #128 from my Yamaha dealer, a yamaha jet and it is a hex. I also ordered the ajustable needle. 2001 seems to be the crossover year, so I would not have the early carb, would I?, meaning the small jet #s.

Also no-one on here mentions anything about the tiny spring that sits on top of the needle and goes shooting into outerspace when you pop the needle out of the diaprham - fyi.

What are the correct valve lash specs please? I don't want to download the service manual at work.

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Im at almost 3,000 miles and decided to do my valves yesterday. Got everything apart only to find they were within spec and needed nothing. Guess I'll check again in a another few thousand.
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