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A few questions.

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Hello, I have a few questions I just could not wait until tuesday (when I pick it up) to ask.

What is the seat cover I am seeing on some bikes and is it nice ? For comfort ? To protect the original ?

I noticed when I test rode it yesterday, the front turn signals stay on, normal ?

Mine is an 03, will my head light stay on all the time or can I turn it off when in the woods ?

Will I need a crank installed ?

I read about a kit, where and how ?

Is it worth it ?

Can you roll start these if needed ?

I'm seeing a lot about the larger pegs, is there any that fit 100% without grinding or mods ? If so, where ?

Do I need to use stabil in tank sometimes or carb cleaner like sea foam ?

Are the turn signals really unbreakable or just flexible to a point ?

Thanks for any help.......

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Welcome to the forum Revolverman.

I'm also in Murville, off of 6 mile. I've got a shop in Friendsville on 321 just past the Harley dealer called Dual Sport Touring. It's on the left where the speed limit changes to 65mph. I usually have my TW at the shop during the days. If you are in the area some day stop in a say hello!

.... I think I picked up one of your cards at All American Insurance .....

That would be one of my cards all right. Dave at All American Insurance is good people.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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