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A few questions.

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Hello, I have a few questions I just could not wait until tuesday (when I pick it up) to ask.

What is the seat cover I am seeing on some bikes and is it nice ? For comfort ? To protect the original ?

I noticed when I test rode it yesterday, the front turn signals stay on, normal ?

Mine is an 03, will my head light stay on all the time or can I turn it off when in the woods ?

Will I need a crank installed ?

I read about a kit, where and how ?

Is it worth it ?

Can you roll start these if needed ?

I'm seeing a lot about the larger pegs, is there any that fit 100% without grinding or mods ? If so, where ?

Do I need to use stabil in tank sometimes or carb cleaner like sea foam ?

Are the turn signals really unbreakable or just flexible to a point ?

Thanks for any help.......

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All I would add is that your in Tn. They still sell those seat pads around here. Go to Wally World with the atv and motorcycle stuff and they are rolled up and labeled under the coleman brand.

Oh and what part of Tn you in?
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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